Animal Health

Farm Animal Care Guides and Information

Our go-to guides for farm animal care is Open Sanctuary Project and Poultry DMV. Here are some links that are helpful for the care of your loved one(s).

Plants toxic lists and databases

You’ll want to make sure to review these guides and survey your property to make sure the plants on your property are safe for your animal residents.

Medical Care

Have medical questions or are your feathered friends showing symptoms of illness? We use these guides to help us access what may be going on. Please note these are guides only. We strongly encourage contacting veterinarians with all medical issues and needs (see our list of local veterinaries that will care for farmed animals).

Local Farm Animal Vets

The following local clinics only see some farm animals so you may need to call around. WSU Veterinary College is our go-to for medical care and it has 24-hr emergency services. Specialized clinics for birds can be found in the Seattle area.

  • WSU Veterinary College

    Pullman, WA; 509-335-0711

  • Double Arrow

    Pasco, WA; (509) 547-0655
    They only serve hoofed farm animals, not birds.

  • Paws, Claws, Hooves

    West Richland, WA; 509-578-1729

  • Mid-Columbia Pet Emergency

    Pasco, WA; 509-547-3577
    The veterinarians will likely not have experience (or only limited experience) with farmed animals but they have helped us with life and death emergencies of birds.

  • Horse Heaven Hills Pet Urgent Care

    Kennewick, WA; 509-581-0647
    One vet, Karl Zwanziger, will treat farm animals (farm birds, at least) and works at this clinical part time.

Local Rescues

Found an animal in need? Here are some local rescues and the animals they serve:

  • Wild birds

    Blue Mountain Wildlife (541-278-0215)

  • Wildlife

    Palouse Wildlife Rescue & Rehab (208-614-2273)

  • Small animals

    Little Lives Small Animal Rescue (Text 509-850-0023)

  • Dogs and cats

    There are many rescues, including the Benton-Franklin Humane Society, that focus on dogs and cats. A quick online search will help find the rescue that best aligns with the animal’s needs.

  • Farmed Animals

    Us! If we cannot help, we will do our best to find someone that can.

Human Health

Vegan / Vegetarian resources

  • Choose Veg

    A great resource for the vegetarian and vegan-curious as well as for those with those dietary styles.

  • Good Food Institute

    Interested in learning more about the science and the advantages of alternative proteins? GFI is actively working to accelerate the science of producing alternative proteins such that “they are the default food choice.” The company formed “to make the global food system better for the planet, people, and animals,” a mission we support.