A duck looking content in a small basin of water

A place to flap your wings

For the residents of Tumbleweed Animal Sanctuary, we are driven by providing lifelong care and enrichment such that each animal is living their best life. This Sanctuary is their home. Their needs, safety, happiness, and health (physical and emotional) are our top priorities.

A duck flapping in a small basin of water


We are here to help animals in need with a specific focus on farmed animals. We will provide lifelong care for our rescued residents, and an environment that enables the animals to thrive and live their best life.


We promote kindness and compassion toward farmed animals and work to improve their lives through education and implementation. Animals often tell us their needs; we are here to listen, learn, and take action.


We will engage and work within the community to limit the need to rescue farmed animals, to improve the lives of farmed animals, and to find homes for farmed animals rescued from abuse, neglect, and abandonment.

Sanctuary News: Welcome Turtle!

We are happy to announce the newest resident of Tumbleweed Animal Sanctuary, Turtle! Turtle had a history of neglect and arrived at the sanctuary after he was attacked by dogs. He required urgent medical care as well as a new, safe, forever home. He is now fully recovered and is best friends with our other Pekin duck, Freddie.

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