Welcome Turtle!

Turtle – survivor, eager, friendly 2-year-old Pekin duck

Turtle’s history and rescue

Turtle had a long history of neglect.  He was purchased as a baby, as a gift.  A gift that the humans quickly grew tired of.  He lived in a crowded coop with other birds, he had no bedding, not a good shelter and if he had a pool to swim in is questionable.  In early August 2023, he was attacked by dogs and was badly injured.  His partner and their baby duck were killed.  

A relative of the owners found and removed Turtle, and cleaned his wounds daily for three weeks while they searched for a safe place for him to call home.  They reached out Ridge 2 River Sanctuary, who then reached out to us asking if we could provide this sweet boy a home.  

Upon arriving at the sanctuary, Turtle got to feel and sleep in bedding for the first time.  He ate blueberries, lettuce, and top-quality Mazuri waterfowl pellets.  Given the photos of Turtle and our quick physical assessment with Anna from Ridge 2 River, we knew that Turtle needed to go to WSU Vet Hospital.  We scheduled an appointment for the next day.

Immediate medical care needed

Turtle stayed at Washington State University Veterinary Hospital for a week recovering from wounds.  He had labored breathing, likely due to a bruised lung, and he had multiple puncture wounds from the dog bites that were cleaned daily. He was immediately put on antibiotics and pain medication.   He had a fecal and avian influenza test, both of which came back negative.  His feathers were not waterproof due to an impacted uropigal (oil) gland, which took multiple attempts to clear.  When we picked up Turtle to come home, Freddie was being dropped off at WSU for his second foot surgery.  Little did Freddie know, that when he came home, he’d have a little brother. 

Welcome to the sanctuary, Turtle!

After a couple of weeks, Turtle got to meet his brother Freddie.  They became fast and best friends.  The two are always together, and always talking.  Turtle also gets along with everyone, and besides Freddie, Turtle likes Tito, our rooster.  Turtle happily waddles after Tito, wanting to be with him and do what Tito is doing. Turtle continues to settle into his new home and with his new family.  His trust in people continues to improve as he learns that he is safe.