2023 Year-end Review!

What a year!  We welcomed 3 new residents to Tumbleweed: Pickles, Biscuit, and Turtle.  We built Pickles and Biscuit an aviary and goose coop.  We helped 2 other geese dumped at Howard Amon Park find sanctuary.  We continue to improve safety at the sanctuary (e.g., expanding the native garden for a total of 45 plants and adding 83 ft of fencing), and hosted our first public event (Run for the Animals).  Freddie had a second successful surgery on the bottom of his foot to remove a fatty lump, and we also continue providing long-term medical care to Sally Sue to make sure she is thriving as much as possible.  

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us through donations, engagement on social media and our events, and volunteering your time. Without your support, we would not be able to help animals in need and provide them with a safe home with good food, medical care, and enrichment enabling them to thrive. 

Pickles (and Biscuit) – Now and at rescue

The brothers were rescued in February 2023 when their current owner was unable to care for or provide safety for the boys after Pickles was attacked by his goose dad. The boys are super curious helping with all farm chores as well as adding (self-elected and directed) top-notch sanctuary security. We built the brother their own aviary (approximately 12 ft wide and 56 ft long) as well as their own insulted goose coop.

Turtle – Now and at rescue

Turtle arrived at Tumbleweed after being attacked by dogs. His duck family and some of his friends were killed. We were told that his living conditions were not good; but now, he has all of the fresh bedding, fresh and top-notch food, and medical care. He has become best friends with our other duck, Freddie, and gets along with the chickens too. He especially loves to follow our rooster, Tito, around the aviary.

Other Sanctuary News

Goose rescue

In September of this year, we also helped 2 domestic geese find their forever home at Heartwood Haven Sanctuary. The geese were dumped at Howard Amon Park. Community members, Doug and his daughter Juniper, fed them every day for 3 weeks gaining their trust, which was crucial in our success in catching them. It took two attempts to catch them but thankfully our community showed up and helped these two geese to sanctuary.

First sanctuary event – Run for the Animals

We had our first public event this past October. We had 24 people across 3 states and 2 countries participate in Run for the Animals, a 25-meter waddle, and 1-mile and 5k run/waddle on the trails around the sanctuary. We look forward to this becoming an annual event! A huge thank you to the Nomad Trail Runners of Eastern Washington for their support and volunteering their time.