How Tumbleweed Animal Sanctuary came to be

This is my future

Tumbleweed Animal Sanctuary has been 10 years in the making.  What initiated this dream 10 years ago was watching a 300-pound three-legged pig walk to a trough for a drink of water.  As I watched at the gate, waiting for my first volunteer shift at a farm animal sanctuary in Oregon, I felt at my core that this is it – this is what I am meant to do – help farmed animals.  I’ve worked with animals my entire life, including dogs, cats, horses, pigeons, and squirrels.  However, it was my interaction with pigs, goats, chickens, ducks, and geese at an animal sanctuary that filled me with the greatest joy and purpose, and set my promise to do what I could to help bring happiness to these amazing, intelligent, and sometimes goofy, animals.  

To prepare to operate my own sanctuary, I engaged in many activities including reading animal care resources provided by Farm Sanctuary, books about people starting their farm animal sanctuaries, and visiting farm sanctuaries in Oregon and Washington.  I also enrolled in an entrepreneurial agricultural class at the local county extension and attended a small farms workshop to learn about resources available for the community.  However, despite all the reading and classes, I knew I needed hands-on experience.  

Hands-on experience

In June 2018, I found and started volunteering at Noble Animal Sanctuary, which at the time was located in Prosser, WA.  My 2.5 years at Noble Animal Sanctuary were some of the most meaningful experiences of my life.  Founders Michelle Allgaier and Greg Noble embraced my eagerness with open arms and taught me all that I was able to learn.  During my time with Noble, I volunteered mainly in animal care and led sanctuary events.  Twice a week for my duration at Noble, I volunteered with the animals learning how to care for pigs, chickens, and ducks.  This included tending to medical needs and learning their behaviors as well as knowing them as individuals.  I jumped at the chance to transport animals from rescue and to/from veterinary appointments and met with community members who sought help for injured, abandoned, and neglected farm animals.  I took every opportunity to learn. 

Founding Tumbleweed Animal Sanctuary

When Noble Animal Sanctuary relocated to Sequim, WA I knew from direct experience that the Tri-Cities still needed a sanctuary that could continue to serve and help farm animals.  I also knew from many personal interactions that people in our community care about the well-being of farm animals.  In July 2020, I purchased a 1-acre property to be the future home of Tumbleweed Animal Sanctuary with a mission to continue to build a community where farmed animals are treated with kindness and compassion and can live their natural lives in safe and thriving environments.